Dispatching is a calling, it is not something that everyone can do.  It takes a strong individual dedicated to helping others to the very best of their ability.  In order to keep our centers, our agencies, our communities and ourselves out of liability trouble it is imperative we train often and on current events utilizing all available resources.  We can never say ‘that won’t happen here’ because we never know what type of calls will happen on any given day so we must always be prepared.” — Tandra Malcom

December 7, 2017, Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico experienced a school shooting leaving two students dead and a community in shock.  This webinar will give an understanding of this incident from the dispatch center’s perspective including pre-planning, lessons learned and moving forward after the incident.

Tandra Malcom

Presented by Tandra K. Malcom, Operations Manager, San Juan County Communications Authority

Located in the Northwest corner of New Mexico in what is commonly referred to as the Four Corners, Aztec is a small community of about 6,500 people.   The City of Aztec Police and Fire departments are dispatched by a combined communications center that also serves the City of Farmington, the City of Bloomfield, and San Juan County, handling Police, Fire, and EMS.