Live911 equips First Responders with the ability to monitor in real time the location and live audio of incoming 911 emergency calls.

Share real-time 9-1-1 call audio and 9-1-1 caller’s GPS location

Get More Information Faster

Increased On-Scene Awareness

While listening to the call’s live-streaming audio, First Responders can hear the interactions as a Call Taker asks questions and the caller responds. They can now hear the caller’s firsthand descriptions, sense of urgency, voice inflections and emotional tones along with background noises on scene – details and context that cannot always be conveyed via a CAD system.

Caller’s Location with Simultaneously Updated Mapping Records

Each Live911 connected call is geo-tagged and provides First Responders with the caller’s mapping records via an integration with RapidSOS. First Responders receive immediate updates if the caller moves to another location.

Location of Other Patrol Officers

On the Live911 map, patrol officers can see the other officers’ locations. This can assist them in –

  • Developing a response plan while driving to a call
  • Planning the creation of a perimeter
  • Estimating the ETA of their back-up unit.
Live911 Agent Myers Response Time

Improve Response Time

Eliminate Delays

Live911 gives First Responders a head-start when seconds count. The First Responder can determine the urgency of a call and they can be en route as the ECC continues to obtain information and enters it into CAD for relay over the radio.

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Include Other Support Personnel

With Live911, support personnel can also monitor the location and audio of incoming 9-1-1 calls. This gives Watch Commanders, Patrol Supervisors, UAS Operators, and other responders more information for their respective as needed responses.

Optimize Overall Response

“Live911 is critical right now as we evaluate the challenges law enforcement is facing. This tool assists officers by providing them with more information to make better informed decisions, to respond quicker and de-escalate dangerous situations, and to save people’s lives.”
Chief Roxana Kennedy, Chula Vista Police Department
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First Responders:

  • Immediately receive call location information

  • MDC displays caller’s location to within a few feet
  • Increased situational awareness provides officer safety

  • Form de-escalation strategy while en route
  • Ability to pre-set their geographical radius to only monitor calls relevant to their grid/beat/jurisdiction
  • Distance filter can eliminate calls out of range.

Live911 Caller Mapping

Using RapidSOS profile data integration, a caller’s Location is accurately pinpointed to within a few feet.

Live911 Supervisory Personnel

Supervisory Personnel:

  • Do not have to change current call-response protocols
  • Instant awareness of hot spots
  • Ability to direct resources appropriately
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Emergency Communication Centers

“Dispatchers must decipher and interpret information so quickly. This is a heavy burden and LIVE911 reduces some of the stress that our dispatchers have. Now we know our Officers are hearing it even if we physically can not type as fast as the caller speaks or air it as fast as we get it because we are doing fifteen other things and working seven other hot calls. The software is not used because we as dispatchers are giving bad information or not enough information or because we are not fast enough. It is a tool that enhances what we are already doing well which is to give the Officers as much information as we can as fast as we can.”
Police Communications Manager Carla Even, Chula Vista Police Department
  • Defuse caller’s frustration with questioning by informing them, “Officers are listening.”
  • Dispatchers can see the caller’s location in relation to nearby officers.

“Live911 does not change how the dispatcher prioritizes calls for service. Live911 has actually enhanced their job.”

Lt Don Redmond, Chula Vista Police Department
Live911 Dispatch Center

Citizens and Community

Improved response times

Better situational awareness

Improved response times

Better situational awareness

Live911 interface allows First Responders to:

  • Suspend streaming option
  • Dismiss call
  • Stay on current call
  • Rewind live audio
  • Ask for more details via radio
  • Enable Dark Mode option


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