Sixty-one million Gen Zers have recently entered the workforce and are radically changing it forever. They have different expectations, behaviors, and preferences. Trainers are going to have to adjust their processes in order to train this new generation. Join us to learn what differences Gen-Z is going to make to the workforce and what differences you will face in training them.

Presented by Beth English, ENP, Trainer, Commercial ElectronicsAfter 31 years as a public safety communications profession, Beth English is a believer in PSAP QA. She has seen firsthand, the positive effects QA can have on an agency, both internally and externally. Beth is also a popular trainer and regularly presents at state and national telecommunicator training conferences on topics that have included contingency planning, public education, employee recognition, in addition to productive and constructive criticism. She has earned her Master Telecommunicator Proficiency Certification from Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and is an active NENA volunteer including serving as President of the Texas Chapter. At Commercial Electronics, Beth oversees the QA program, CEQIP and provides HighGround Training.