How TX TERT supported the First First Responders

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devasted three geographical areas of Texas. Following the events of Harvey, TX TERT deployed over 40 9-1-1 Telecommunicators on nine teams to five different agencies. The TX TERT state coordinator will review lessons learned from the deployments and steps taken following previous deployments to ensure the program will be ready to accommodate future TERT requests.

About the presenter:

TX TERT State Coordinator Jason SmithAlong with being the TX TERT State Coordinator, Jason Smith, ENP, is also the 9-1-1 Operations Supervisor for North Central Texas Regional Emergency Communications District.

Jason has 20 years of service in public safety communications and holds his Master Telecommunicator Certificate. Jason has been an active TX TERT member since 2007, was associated with the first TERT deployment following Hurricane Ike and served as the communications liaison during the Hurricane Isaac deployment. Jason was appointed to the TX TERT State Coordinator position in May 2017 and was responsible for organizing and deploying the nine TERT teams following Hurricane Harvey. Jason has had the opportunity to travel around Texas and the nation to present on various TERT-related topics and is a strong supporter of the TERT initiative.