In 2016, the nine Western Illinois county CACs of Advocacy Network for Children (ANC) had a hodge-podge of interview recording equipment. Each center had a different analog system and ANC’s travelling Forensic Interviewers had to keep track of how to operate each system. As the new Executive Director, Todd Shackelford knew ANC had to not only standardize systems but also improve their forensic interview recording technology.

To build sustainability and continuity across the centers, ANC chose V2 Advocate Interview Room Recording for Child Advocacy Centers (V2) as their solution.

“It’s obvious that V2 was developed for our industry. It is very easy to use and the recordings are fantastic!”

Todd Shackelford, Executive Director Advocacy Network for Children

With some budget adjustments and the help of VOCA grants, seven systems have been installed since 2018. In these centers, V2 is the only system Forensic Interviewers need to know to record and manage interviews. V2 also gives interviewers the latest digital technology.

In addition, to the seven centers, there are two mobile V2 units ready to travel with interviewers to victims at hospitals, schools or even rural county areas – wherever is most convenient for victims and their non-offending caregivers.

Here are some of Todd’s favorite things about V2 Advocate:

  • Interviews are recorded in MP4 which downloads faster to flash drives –getting videos into the chain of evidence quicker, saving attorneys and Law Enforcement valuable time.
  • Video organization is easy. This is especially helpful when you have several recordings from a victim who needed several sessions to open up and share his/her full story
  • Ability to securely send live interview feed to an alternate observation room. When severe cases require an MDT of more than three observers, the CACs’ conference rooms can become temporary observation rooms giving the expanded team plenty of room as they watch via secured WIFI.
  • Exceptionally high-quality recordings aid case evidence. Interviews are recorded in HD video with crystal-clear audio. State’s Attorneys and Law Enforcement really like videos’ clarity.
  • Two Mobile units are seamless additions:
    • Post interview, recordings are securely downloaded to the system at the center assigned to case.
    • Temporary interview and observation rooms are easily set up with wireless technology.

ANC serves a rural and urban population of 200,000 across 5,000 sq. mi. Learn more about ANC at

Learn more about V2 Advocate Interview Recording for Child Advocacy Centers at or at 800.933.4077.

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