Commercial Electronics (CE) has announced that it has partnered with iNEMSOFT to offer revolutionary interoperability solutions that cost effectively solve a broad range of communication connectivity challenges. This new partnership is part of CE’s ongoing corporate commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions for Public Safety and Corporate Communications.

The iNEMSOFT technology connects disparate communication systems into a single communication community. This solves connectivity challenges of inter-communications and intra-communications systems in not only public safety and emergency communications but also in corporate communications.

When seconds count, iNEMSOFT solutions quickly and easily connect vital stakeholders and their various communication systems. Diverse devices like incompatible radios, telephones and cell phones are bridged together. The result is a seamless unified communications team. Cost-savings are also realized as stakeholders who need to connect can keep their current communication devices.

Inemsoft Integration Diagram

Here are some applications:

  • When Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) activate in response to a major disaster, they can instantly link with Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) without interruption or delay in their unified response to their community’s immediate needs.
  • In large scale emergencies, First Responders and Dispatchers can connect across a broad range of technologies and geographical regions to enable multiple organizations to work together for a unified response.
  • Campus police radios can be integrated into a university’s communication network to a create a rapid and well-coordinated response.
  • Connected radio users can take advantage of a host of new telephony features including call-ins, multiparty conferencing and mobile access (MRAS).
  • An organization can connect with its customers and users via telephones, hotlines, public announcements, analog and digital Land Mobile Radios as well as broadband PTT.
  • Mobile applications and tablets can be deployed for dispatch and call answering within utilities, public safety, airlines, railroads and mission-critical operations.

Like CE, iNEMSOFT has deep experience in projects requiring high communications reliability. According to Mark Stemmermann, CE President and CEO, “iNEMSOFT will be a great partner as its solutions are backed by a team of experts who believe in superior service and support just like we do. Additionally, iNEMSOFT current installations span a broad range of industries that include financial services, transportation, public safety, and government. As we also serve these industries, we are confident that iNEMSOFT solutions will also greatly benefit our current and future customers.”

iNEMSoft Managing Partner, Allen Nemer adds, “We are delighted to partner with Mark and his team. We believe that our newest Radio-Telephone PTT solutions addressing small and midmarket customers will allow CE customers to take advantage of iNEMSOFT Radio/Telephony and console systems used by Class 1 Railroads and Airlines for over twenty years,”

To learn more:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-933-4077 ext. 4