V2 Interview Room Recording

Record Easily and Confidently

Record your interviews when and where you need to be!

Remote Start-Stop from your PC.

Remote Start-Stop for your PC

Record offsite with your PC Laptop.

V2 Mobile Laptop Recording

Interrogation Monitoring and Forensic Interviews

  • Record in HD

  • Easy to Use Interface

  • Remote Start/Stop Recording

  • Burns Multiple DVD’s at Once

  • Records Multiple Rooms Simultaneously

  • Web Based Viewing and Interactivity

  • Tamper Protection and Watermarking

  • Evidence Locker Smart Technology

V2 History – From Reseller to Manufacturer

In early 2010, Commercial Electronics developed and launched V2, a newly designed digital interview voice and video recording management system. Many years of experience in reselling and providing customer service for products built by other companies inspired Commercial Electronics to create a product of their own. Although the V2 systems are the company’s first self-manufactured products, Commercial Electronics is confident that their vast experience and earned credibility in the custom recording solutions industry will provide a remarkable advantage over their competitors.

Records in High Definition Video

High Definition Video RecordingV2 records two HD camera views in each room and captures up to five hours of High Definition video on 1 DVD!

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The digital interview room recording management system for Forensic Interviews.

V2 Advocate Interview Room Recording

V2 Advocate is the counterpart product for children’s advocacy centers, where a critical action or interview needs to be recorded.

V2 Advocate’s user-friendly technology allows Forensic Interviewers to focus on victim’s interviews without distraction — yet have peace of mind, knowing that recordings will be automatically stored and secured after each session.

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The digital interview room recording management system designed specifically for Law Enforcement.

V2 Shield Interview Room Recording

V2 Shield was created for the detective. Interview recordings are equiped with state of the art watermark technology for evidence integrity.

From the beginning to the end of a custodial interview, V2 Shield is a complete interview room recording management system designed specifically for the needs of Law Enforcement. Its easy-to-use interface, intelligent management system, and tamper-proof Evidence Locker have made it a proven resource for Police Departments and Sheriffs Offices around the country.

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See V2 in action. Request a demo today!

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