How do organizations communicate seamlessly with two-way, land-based mobile radio systems and link vital people and processes as part of a single, integrated communications community?

ClassOne® iCAS

Links two-way land-mobile radios with a core communication network, while unifying voice, radio, and mobile communications.

Inemsoft Interoperability Server Example

The ClassOne solution helps organizations integrate radio communications directly into their overall voice over IP (VoIP) communications infrastructure. All parties can communicate seamlessly on a single, IP-enabled radio-telephony platform. This results in boosting collaboration, speeding decision making, and shortening response times. Radio operations can be fully integrated with corporate back- office systems, voice networks, self-service applications, customer service systems, and more.

Inemsoft Interoperability Surface Pro

ClassOne® SIP-based

Unmatched blend of iNEMSOFT’s applications and Microsoft® Surface™ Pro Portability

The newest member of the ClassOne® iCAS radio-telephony platform, a cost-effective on-demand mobile productivity software optimized for one of the most versatile computing platforms, the Microsoft® SurfaceTM Pro. A perfect blend of technologies designed for maximum mobility, mission-critical communications and emergency contact centers. A solution that delivers unhindered, consistent and reliable radio and telephone communications from anywhere utilizing any available network

Inemsoft ClassOne Console

ClassOne® IP/SIP-based

Dispatch, command and control field operations from anywhere in your network.

The ClassOne® IP/SIP Operator Console is an intelligent, PC-based workstation featuring a user-friendly interface that commands and controls various media operations and system functions. The user interface enables push-to-talk to radios and reception of inbound normal and emergency calls from either radios or the voice network.

Connecting all useful devices for any situation.

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