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Carbyne c-Live

c-Live from Carbyne

Next Generation 9-1-1 Incident Connectivity for Legacy Systems

Deployed as a plugin, c-Live enhances existing PSAP call-taking platforms using Carbyne’s state-of-the-art next generation technology. With accurate location, live video and two-way chat, c-Live delivers on scene intelligence to improve response time for both 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders.

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c-Live’s Auto Detect capabilities enable your ECC to receive the location and phone number of your caller before you even pick up the call. With over tens of millions of people served, c-Live is the global leader in ELS Gateway.

Live Video

c-Live creates a new shareable environment that allows telecommunicators to truly connect to an incident, increasing the confidence in decision making and creating better situational awareness for first responders.

Instant Chat

When a caller can’t communicate verbally, instant chat can be the difference between life and death. Unlike traditional text to 911 solutions that experience delays in delivery, c-Live’s instant chat capabilities are immediate and reliable.

First Responder’s Connection

c-Live’s First Responder’s connection is the world’s only feature to simultaneously connect a caller, ECC and first responders at the same time. With the control of street-level sights and sounds, first responders can experience the scene before entering it, increasing the safety of all who are involved.

c-Live First Responders

c-Live Advantages

  • Sits on top of your current call handling system
  • Operationally flexible – your current methods of operation will still be valid

  • No integration required

  • Installation in days, not weeks or months

  • Not dependent on a citizen application!

c-Live Features

Accurate Location

Caller location is presented within 6 meters.

Dynamic Location

Location is updated continuously. If callers are moving, you will know.

Live Streaming Video

One-way video, initiated by the call-taker and easily sent to first-responders, enhances situational awareness

Two-Way Chat

For situations when verbal communication is not possible.

No Pre-Installed Apps

All c-Live features are available for calls from smartphones, with no caller app needed.

Manage Information

Storage of past calls for future behavior, trend analysis and investigation.

Watch c-Live in Action

The c-Live plugin appears on a menu bar, floating on top of your existing software interface. It is unobtrusive, but there when you need it. Call-takers just click on the menu bar to open location, video and chat windows.

c-Live requires no integration and is implemented with no downtime for the call center. Clients (Municipalities) preserve the investment in their existing systems while getting additional offerings.

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