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Genesis PULSE Waze Integration Screen

Genesis PULSE Key Features

  • Integrates with Waze to help call centers pinpoint traffic events, avoid road closures, and send emergency units along faster routes.
  • Alerts users upon detection of service that does not meet established standards.

  • Displays realtime units and incident data on Google Maps, including weather in PULSE live and PULSE replay.

  • Replays system-wide events to review and optimize unit assignments and route choices.

  • Delivers dashboard analytics, realtime status feedback, and on-demand reports.

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Why Genesis PULSE?

In an emergency, every second counts. Genesis PULSE is a solution for emergency call centers, first responders, departments of transportation and more. PULSE helps users fulfill compliance agreements, cut costs, improve response times, and save lives. PULSE with Waze integration enables user to easily pinpoint traffic events, weather, and road closures.

Genesis PULSES enhances CADS (Computert-Aided-Dispatch) so our customers can save time, money, property, and lives. PULSE simplifies dispatching, validates decisions, and enables customers to see everything. PULSE is an all-in-one software tool that features live vehicle tracking, weather, recording/replay capabilities, reporting with analytics, partnerships, a mobile app with Waze integration, and much more.

Live Tracking, Weather, Replay, Reporting, Partnerships, and Mobile

Genesis Pulse Waze Radar

Almost universally, CADs do a notoriously poor job of mapping. Many CADs use “as-the-crow-flies” or impedance/historical data for unit recommendations. Genesis PULSE is different in that it accounts for real-time weather, traffic, road closures, and accidents. This data directly affects the Estimated Time Enroute (ETE) calculations presented alongside closest unit recommendations. PULSE visually displays these items on a Google map with satellite, street, and traffic views. Users can quickly identify challenges responders may encounter along their routes. PULSE also displays End Of Shift (EOS) information visually prior to a call being assigned to a unit to avoid overtime where possible. In addition, for scheduled calls in queue, PULSE knows the average task time to help schedule units most efficiently.

PULSE Partnerships provides the ability to view all resources from multiple PULSE customers (under agency defined parameters) to allow for interagency cooperation and mutual aid for life-threatening emergencies, sever weather events, multi-casualty incidents, etc. For customers coordinating multi-agency responses, knowing where all responding units are located at any moment in time presents one of their biggest challenges. PULSE solves this challenge.

Genesis PULSE Tablet App

Enhance your CAD with Genesis PULSE.

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