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For Public Safety Answering Points

Introducing CEQIP

Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Solution
from Commercial Electronics

When seconds count and a call-taker’s or dispatcher’s response can mean the difference between life and death, PSAPs need to know that their telecommunicators are optimally trained and prepared. PSAP managers need evidence-based assurance that their centers are always operating according to desired standards. Commercial Electronics Quality Improvement Program (CEQIP) provides all that and more.

Commercial Electronics (CE) has an ongoing commitment to supporting public safety telecommunicators by providing PSAPs with reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our approach to QA/QI combines powerful technology with experienced professional guidance.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Benefits your agency could experience:

  • Experienced 3rd Party Call Review

  • Refined Protocols

  • Customized Parameters & Reports

  • Improved Agency Training & Feedback

  • Quantitative Results for Coaching

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Protocol Consulting

CEQIP can refine agencies’ protocols and help define what they want to view from their evaluation forms, customize the software parameters to generate reports, and help analyze the information received from them.

3rd Party Review

CEQIP also offers unbiased 3rd Party QA Call Review services by consultants who are subject matter experts with Protocol based QA certifications, Advanced Telecommunicator certification, or the equivalent number of training hours equal to Advanced certification. CE’s consultants can help identify gaps in evaluation forms, provide unbiased scoring, and improve feedback for telecommunicators.