Atmos by CallCabinet is an award-winning call recording and compliance platform that utilizes the Cloud to capture your customer and agent conversations and screen interactions. Offered as a flexible monthly service, Atmos completely eliminates the need for on-site hardware and scales effortlessly to accommodate organizations of any size.


Call recording used to force enterprises into costly hardware investments under restrictive long-term agreements putting compliance recording out of reach for smaller organizations. As a flexible month-to-month service, Atmos opens the door to businesses of all sizes by eliminating costly hardware investments, storage concerns, and maintenance costs, while including 24×7 support.

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Atmos Call Recording Highlights


Atmos supports multi-tenant deployment and seamlessly integrates with 99.9% of all communications platforms (Cisco and BroadSoft, Microsoft Teams, Avaya, Metaswitch, Netsapiens, Skype for Business, and many more.)

  • Multi-tenant deployment supports networks spread across multiple geographical locations
  • Instant access to all of your Cloud-stored call data (across unlimited locations) from any browser
  • Pricing and provisioning are manageable from any tier of your multi-tenant operation
  • One unified call compliance recording solution for enterprises of any size


Atmos’ PCI compliance features seamlessly protect sensitive personal and financial details. PCI redaction is legally required for businesses that take customer payments over the phone. Atmos accurately redacts PCI data 3 ways:

  • Automatic redaction using our AI
  • Manual redaction via phone agent
  • Automatic redaction with an API call

Call Recording and Much, Much More

Stored audio is of little use to an operation if it remains uncategorized data. Atmos’ powerful AI organizes your data into an ever-growing body of customer knowledge, equipping you to easily acquire the business-critical information you seek. Atmos performs deep analysis of not only your recordings, but also provides screen recording, keyword and keyphrase detection, and much more.


Subscribe to our optional speech analytics license and gain crucial insight from your recorded call data. Understanding call sentiment over the duration of the conversation equips you to rapidly respond to customers while training your agents for maximum effectiveness.

  • Measure emotive content through Atmos’s optional speech analytics license, which measures pace, volume, pitch and tone

  • Examine and classify calls based on conversation language
  • Identify trends based on keywords and key phrases

  • Export voice analytics data and agent scorecards to other analytics packages like Power BI
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AI-Driven Call Analytics
Agent Call Performance Metrics


Design your own agent performance metrics to measure interaction touch-points (compliance, efficiency, clarity, etc)

  • Build organization-specific performance requirements

  • Monitor agent performance for compliance and customer service

  • Measure agent performance company-wide, individually or across groups of agents

  • Identify skill gaps, spot training needs of individual agents or groups, and gain actionable data


Global compliance regulations have vastly expanded, and enterprises now rely on information-rich data trails. CallCabinet Atmos far exceeds simple call recording by delivering audio-synchronous screen capture to yield a complete understanding of your agent interactions. Our method of snapshot-based screen capture eliminates strain on system bandwidth and storage.

  • Gain a complete, encompassing view of each call

  • Control frequency of your captures from seconds to milliseconds

  • Deploy screen capture for as many agents as needed with no impact on network bandwidth

  • Screenshots synchronize with call playback and include a graphical marker to indicate when screenshots took place

  • All screen captures are marked to allow supervisors to determine which party was speaking, and what was on the agent’s screen during the call
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Atmos Performs in Public and Private Sector Organizations

Atmos’ Cloud-based call recording service can be deployed for any market or industry that requires call compliance.

For organizations and enterprises of every size, Atmos delivers flexible and scalable call compliance, data security, dispute resolution, deep learning AI analytics, agent scoring, and PCI redaction.

The Power of Cloud Call Recording


Atmos AI Analytics
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