Interaction Recording for Public Safety and Contact Centers

  • Record
    Capture every phone and radio interaction within your communications center.

  • Retrieve
    Use dozens of search options for easy retrieval of archived recordings.
  • Replay
    Listen to recordings from any desktop. No license required.
  • Report
    Integrate voice interactions, screen recordings and call data.
  • Review
    Score for compliance criteria and identify training needs.
  • Results
    Improve dispatcher performance with customized scorecards.

“It’s not a product that will become stagnant and obsolete! We definitely would make the same decision today.”

Patti Kelly, Director, Whitcom, WA

“The Capture911 product is very user-friendly and easy to learn. That is important — especially for our mobile units.”

Sgt. Bryan Rudel, Harris County Sheriffs, TX

“I am impressed with the playback feature. We do a lot of telephone search warrants. Our records folks are regularly producing recordings for law enforcement evidentiary purposes”

Helen Rasmussen, Director, Skagit 911, Skagit County, WA
HigherGround Capture 911 Commercial Electronics

Capture911 provides reliable recording for critical communications in Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) operations, emergency dispatch facilities and 9-1-1 centers. As a cost-effective, reliable, multi-channel recording and incident reconstruction solution for critical Public Safety communications, Capture911 integrates data from multiple sources into a single, synchronized holistic view. Its multi-channel recording and incident reconstruction solution transforms data into actionable intelligence, enabling operation optimization, enhanced operator performance and reduced costs.

Phone Email Chat Radio SMS GIS Mobile Video Photo
Phone Email Chat Radio SMS
GIS Mobile Video Photo

Citizens are using a wider range of communication devices and emergency responders are being required to manage agency communications, share data, and report results based on open standards. Emergency dispatch facilities, 9-1-1 mobile command centers, and PSAP organizations using HigherGround’s Next Generation Capture911 solution can be assured they will be ready for tomorrow’s requirements today with free software updates and the ability to upgrade basic systems throughout the duration of their maintenance contracts.

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“A good call recording system is a must, Parkland requires a solution that allows a high volume of calls to be recorded. More importantly, the call recording system must allow quick call retrieval regardless of the agent’s station location.”

Prentiss Wright, Director of Call Center Operations, Parkland Health & Hospital System, TX

“Calibre made my job easier, and it enables us do a lot more than we could before. What used to take four hours to pull a 7-minute call can now be done almost instantly. We can filter by station, date, time, position, and screen capture.”

Gregg Aguilar, Communications Supervisor, University of New Mexico Hospital
HigherGround Calibre Logo Commercial Electronics

Calibre provides a best-in-class recording solution for performance monitoring in contact centers. This full-featured product transforms data into actionable intelligence, allowing informed decisions to enhance agent performance, optimize operations, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, which ultimately increases revenue. Calibre can be customized to integrate seamlessly with client applications.

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Unmatched System Reliability
Backed with 24/7 Monitoring and Single Point of Contact

Virtual Recording Solution

Virtualization provides opportunities for the HigherGround virtual recording solution to offer cost and time saving benefits to public and private communication centers who have moved to IP recording. No matter whether the organization wants to virtualize their own environment or run on a hosted application.

Benefits that could be realized include:

  • Accelerating delivery and installation
  • Reducing upfront hardware cost
  • Eliminating post warranty maintenance of recorder hardware

  • Improving uptime
  • Centralizing management
  • Reduced overhead: physical servers, ancillary support equipment
  • High availability
HigherGround PSAP Virtual Recording

Want to know more? Download HigherGround’s Whitepaper on virtualization.

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