Carbyne c-Lite

c-Lite from Carbyne

Next Generation 9-1-1 Plugin for Legacy Platforms

Deployed as a plugin, c-Lite enhances existing PSAP call-taking platforms using Carbyne’s state-of-the-art next generation technology. With accurate location, live video and two-way chat, c-Lite delivers on scene intelligence to improve response time for both 9-1-1 telecommunicators and first responders.

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The c-Lite plugin appears on a menu bar, floating on top of your existing software interface. It is unobtrusive, but there when you need it. Call-takers just click on the menu bar to open location, video and chat windows.

c-Lite requires no integration and is implemented with no downtime for the call center. Clients (Municipalities) preserve the investment in their existing systems while getting additional offerings.

c-Lite Advantages

  • Sits on top of your current call handling system
  • Operationally flexible – your current methods of operation will still be valid

  • No integration required

  • Installation in days, not weeks or months

  • Not dependent on a citizen application!

c-Lite Features

Accurate Location

Caller location is presented within 6 meters.

Dynamic Location

Location is updated continuously. If callers are moving, you will know.

Live Streaming Video

One-way video, initiated by the call-taker and easily sent to first-responders, enhances situational awareness

Two-Way Chat

For situations when verbal communication is not possible.

No Pre-Installed Apps

All c-Lite features are available for calls from smartphones, with no caller app needed.

Manage Information

Storage of past calls for future behavior, trend analysis and investigation.

Watch c-Lite in Action

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