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HigherGround Virtual Recording Solution
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HigherGround Virtual Recording Solution

Record Confidently with
NG 9-1-1 Public Safety Recording

Quick access to recordings, reporting and analytics

Recording and Device Connection solutions for any situation.

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Inemsoft Integration

Connect devices across agencies

When availability is critical, unify disparate systems into a seamless communication community.

Public Safety iNEMSOFT Cell Phone

Using an easy-to-use interface, iNEMSOFT CLASSONE® Radio Gateway instantly connects previously incompatible devices and provides critical high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities including:

  • Extending connectivity in routing and recording of calls on more devices
  • Hosting conference calls with key stakeholders despite incompatible devices
  • Remotely monitoring traffic
  • Remotely dispatching
  • Providing radio users with telephony features including call-ins, multi-party conferencing and mobile radio access