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PSAP Quality & Response

Give your 911 dispatchers and first responders the most advanced call dispatch software they need to provide a community of any size peace of mind. Powerful software Next Generation solutions from CEC provide the most effective way to improve public safety answering point (PSAP) quality and response. Commercial Electronics Corp. comprehensive suite of recording, quality assurance and reporting tools assist organizations of all sizes to respond to and manage interactions.

All CEC solutions will be Next Generation linked to meet current needs and will evolve with you and your organization’s future requirements. Next Generation systems are designed using a modular approach, making them fully upgradeable. Simply select from the innovative modules and features you need to develop a tailored system that satisfies the strictest regulatory standards and provides the best value. This scalable and flexible architecture allows PSAPs to upgrade basic systems as new capabilities are mandated or budgets become available. All systems installed by CEC include:

Data Integration
Customizable Search Data
Robust Security
Virtual Incident
Replication Software
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About HigherGround

HigherGround’s award-winning solutions have earned a remarkable reputation in mission critical and emergency responder environments. Capture911 and Quality911 applications have been installed in more than 1000 PSAPs and government agencies. In addition, HigherGround’s Instant Retrieval software (IRR) is a proven industry standard for multi-channel recording and is an OEM product in consoles produced by several industry leaders including Cassidian, an EADS North America Company; as well as in product integrations with Avtec, ARINC, Cisco, Harris, InterAct, M/A-COM, and Motorola.


About Smart911

With Smart911, citizens use a secure website to enter their contact information and other identifying personal data they want made available to 9-1-1 operators in case of emergency. When the individual calls 9-1-1, rich profile data is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 operator, and made available to police, fire and EMS in the field.

Calls with Smart911 result in:

  • Reduced call holding times with simple, quick confirmation discussions — Are you calling from your home at 123 Main Street? – and no transcription errors.
  • Immediate identification of important dispatching details such as the need for a special lift, a hidden driveway, known medical conditions or a lost-child photo.
  • Citizen-provided data that is managed to ensure it is current and accurate.
  • Accurate physical addresses on mobile phones.

Smart 911 utilizes today’s infrastructure and seamlessly migrates to a NextGen IP based system. Secure web-services based interfaces enable simple integration.

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public safety functions:

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