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Commercial Electronics (CE) was founded in 1959 as Industrial Radio Company, and became a service organization for General Electric Mobile Communications. In 1984, we began expanding our sales and service into other areas beyond the two-way radio industry including the mobile telephone industry, call recording, as well as designand implementation of complex public safety communications systems.

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We strive to be proactive in anticipation of our customers’ needs. CE is continually looking to improve and expand our products, and to deliver call recording, interview room recording, data collection and analytics tools with the highest level of service to enable our customers to maximize performance and profitability.

CE has installed equipment into virtually every industry that has a need for call recording, interview room recording, quality assurance monitoring, screen capture, and call accounting. Our customer base includes financial institutions, the transportation industry, 911 agencies, children’s advocacy centers, and numerous other inbound and outbound call centers.

From reseller to manufacturer: In early 2010, CE developed and launched V2, a newly designed digital interview voice and video recording management system. Many years of experience in reselling and providing customer service for products built by other companies inspired Commercial Electronics to create a product of their own. Although the
V2 systems are the company’s first self-manufactured products, Commercial Electronics is confident that their vast experience and earned credibility in the custom recording solutions industry will provide a remarkable advantage over their competitors.

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CE has a proven track record of providing solutions for the complex integration of computers with telephone and radio networks, and we are excited about the “next generation” of products we will be offering. We are confident that CE
will meet your call management needs with our ability to integrate platforms with our robust call center and dispatch center product offerings.

One of our main goals is to maximize uptime for our systems while minimizing customer involvement in maintaining their systems. At the same time, we strive to make it easier for our own technicians to maintain and monitor all the systems we service. Our extensive alarm monitoring system allows us to learn about potential problems before they
become quality-affecting issues, and to solve most problems before the customer is even aware of the problem.

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CE has partnered with HigherGround, Inc. ®, a global player in software solutions for the call center market. Founded in 1973, HigherGround’s mission is to deliver call recording and monitoring, data collection, analytics, and reporting tools with the highest level of service to enable our customers to maximize performance and profitability

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CE is dedicated to offering products that incorporate a wide range of open standards allowing us to provide seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Commercial Electronics’ is continually looking to improve our products for greater efficiency and productivity. In assessing the market requirements and consulting with our diverse client base, CE has identified a number of critical areas specific to each recording industry sector which include:

  • • Easy to use interface
  • • Web based viewing/interactivity
  • • Open hardware/software standards
  • • Long-term data storage and security
  • • Intuitive, fast and feature-rich technology
  • • Powerful data integration and reporting
  • • Access to business intelligence
  • • Easy measurement of key performance indicators
  • • Platinum Plus Proactive Support

Record it… find it… play it… it’s that simple!

CE has incorporated much of these standards in our V2 Digital Interview Recording Management System product line as well.
V2 Shield was created for the detective. Interview recordings are equipped with state of the art watermark technology for evidence integrity. V2 Advocate is the counterpart product for Children’s Advocacy Centers, where a critical action or interview needs to be recorded. The importance of these recordings to be securely documented, indexed, stored, distributed, retrieved, shared, and leveraged is ensured for forensic interviewers.

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CE believes in building successful relationships. We stand firm on a set of basic premises about how to do effective and ethical business with our customers. We listen to our customers and welcome their input. Commercial Electronics created the HigherGround Users Group to gather feedback from our customers, and to inform them of updates to the HigherGround system. These nationally-held group meetings allow users an opportunity to share best practices.

Your investment is protected against obsolescence. All CE customers benefit from the migration path to the latest technology. There is no longer any need to replace your entire system because of outdated hardware. Software development is separate from the off-the-shelf hardware technology, so upgrading recording system hardware is virtually seamless to your operation. This could be the last recording system you will need to purchase.

CE’s customer can be found across the US. States include; AK, AL, AR, FL, VA, TN, KS, KY, MI, NE, IA, ID, IN, IL, LA, OH, OK, MO, MD, NC, ND, NE, NH, NM, NJ, NY, PA, SD, TX, WA, and WV. We have over 600 customers in various markets including Public Safety, Poison control, Railroad, utilities and other private section companies. CE has over 500 Public Safety customers; Northwest Central Dispatch System IL, Schaumburg PD IL, Whitcom, WA, TCOM 9-1-1 W