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Commercial Electronics delivers innovative solutions in telephone call monitoring and recording systems and call recording hardware to maximize performance and profitability. Our mission is to provide reliable customized call recording system technology through customized service and proactive support.

Recording customer interactions is vital for any organization that strives to minimize risk, assure liability protection, ensure compliance, and control dispute-related costs from sales, service, claims, collections and other sensitive interactions.

  • proactively improve the customer experience
  • increase workforce performance
  • ensure compliance
  • align tactical and strategic objectives across the enterprise


About HigherGround

HigherGround, Inc. is a developer of recording, data integration and reporting tools that provide actionable insight on contact center operations. Since 1973, HigherGround has provided companies with the ability to monitor customer interactions, optimize contact center resources, and obtain a comprehensive view of call center performance.

HigherGround’s Calibre product suite offers a unified recording, evaluation, and reporting solution for multi-source contact centers. With today’s stringent requirements of contact centers to keep customer data secure, these tools work to provide full regulation compliance.

The HigherGround Calibre product suite ensures customer data security and PCI and HIPAA compliance as well as support of a myriad of rules and regulations. Contact centers have the ability to record analog, digital, and IP phones; ACD, CTI, PBXs, and email communications from a single unified platform providing a holistic view of call center, team, and agent performance.

Ensure Compliance

Not so long ago, voice recording was required mainly by public safety organizations for compliance with governmental regulations and for liability purposes. In recent years, however, it has been adopted by the financial, contact center, and other commercial industries. In addition, voice recording is now being used for much more than simple compliance or even quality assurance purposes. Organizations now recognize the potential gold mine of data that lies buried in their recorded voice interactions. Every sector of an organization can utilize solutions to quickly and easily locate, access and leverage relevant data – from Compliance and Liability, Management, Human Resources and Marketing, to Quality Assurance, Customer Service, Satellite Offices and even individual remote users. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is imperative that organizations not only provide the highest level of customer service, but also maintain a high level of security and peace of mind.

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