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Child coloring while being interviewed

Developed specifically for Children’s Advocacy Center

Newest Features!

High Definition recording button image
V2 Advocate records two HD camera views in each room and captures up to five hours of High Definition video on 1 DVD!

  • Remote Start/Stop recording
  • Record in HD
  • Easy to use interface
  • Record up to 5 hours on one DVD
  • Evidence Locker smart technology
  • Records two camera angles to a DVD, audio and video synced
  • Receive direct support from V2

Developed specifically for Children’s Advocacy Centers

Top Rated Features

Image of a recording button

  • One button Start/Stop recording
  • Capture all voices with crystal clear audio recording
  • Document victim’s demeanor, reactions, and body language with HD Video
  • Record multiple rooms simultaneously in MP4 format

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  • In real-time, remotely monitor an interview via a network connection
  • View system activity and run reports with Audit Log

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  • Immediately replay recordings on V2 unit or with security authorization on other network PCs
  • Find recordings with easy-to-use search features

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  • Annotate critical interview moments with tagging, bookmarking, and screen shots
  • Share notes for collaboration
  • Take notes in real-time as an observer or attach after interview

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Reproduce & Store:

  • Save time reproducing recordings by concurrently burning multiple DVDs
  • Choose from long-term & multiple storage options: (HD, flash drive, DVD, CD, RAID, and NAS)

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Preserve interviews:

  • Use Evidence Locker to securely store thousands of hours of interviews
  • Assure interview integrity with watermark technology that includes built-in tamper protection

Ready to record when you are!

Children Hugging

V2 Advocate’s user-friendly technology allows Forensic Interviewers to focus on victim’s interviews without distraction – yet have peace of mind, knowing that recordings will be automatically stored and secured after each session.

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